Government-collected datasets contain a wealth of information about our world--everything from which roads have the most potholes to who votes. And in recent years, governments and other public agencies have made huge strides in opening datasets to the public.

But accessibility isn't enough. That’s why Looker has partnered with Google Cloud Platform to take some of those fascinating datasets and make them available for querying with Looker on Google BigQuery. That takes data from being nominally accessible, to actually explorable for anyone with an internet connection.


At Looker, we know that companies succeed when they put data in the hands of more people. And we know that societies succeed when citizens can hold their government accountable by using data to shed light on how government is performing, on where discrimination persists, and on how to increase civic participation.

You can read about how we unlocked 20 years of Census election data on our blog.

Unlocking The Census

The Census is full of fascinating facts.
We've unlocked them. #DemocratizeData